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My clients’ individual circumstances and financial objectives establish the foundation for creating customized, sophisticated, forward-thinking portfolios that meet their distinct short- and long-term investment goals.

I engage the Complete Canaccord Investment Counselling Program to manage the core of clients’ portfolio holdings. I then determine what additional securities and solutions are needed to meet each clients’ specific financial needs and goals.

Portfolio core positions: Complete Canaccord Investment Counselling Program (ICP)

The Complete Canaccord Investment Counselling Program (ICP) provides discretionary money management from world-class portfolio managers with diverse styles and investment mandates. With today’s more complex and globally interconnected markets, your core portfolio holdings require a high level of diversification across multiple portfolio elements, which the ICP delivers.

For decades, institutional investors have tested, refined and proven the value of an approach that engages the specialized talents of multiple portfolio managers. Through the ICP, your portfolio core is managed with the same expectations for expertise, discipline and performance that institutional investors demand. Over time, these portfolios have consistently generated value for investors as a result of their well-articulated process, expertly executed strategies and commitment to continual monitoring.


Discretionary money management

The ICP is ideal for clients who are busy and focused on activities other than market research and day-to-day investment decision-making. The portfolio managers who partner with you in this program handle all tactical decisions related to your investments, freeing you to build your career or business, steward your family and achieve your other life goals.

Tax advantages

Investing through this program may provide you with considerable tax advantages:

  • You have direct ownership of the securities in your portfolio, so you are not subject to the hidden or embedded capital gains often incurred through mutual fund ownership. Direct ownership also reduces tax inefficiencies created by the high portfolio turnover associated with some mutual funds.
  • You have the ability to minimize tax on capital gains by taking profits or losses at appropriate times for tax planning purposes.
  • If you hold the ICP in a non-registered account, you may be able to claim the all-inclusive program management fee as a tax-deductible expense.

Ask your tax advisor about the specific tax advantages that apply to you.

Portfolio satellite positions

In order to meet the financial goals of most clients, I add to the ICP holdings carefully researched securities and other suitable investment solutions. Below is an outline of my five-step process for identifying the satellite opportunities for clients’ portfolios:

  1. First, I read the award-winning research from the Canaccord Genuity Global Research Team, and reports from globally renowned portfolio managers to identify the best investment opportunities to complement my clients’ ICP holdings.
  2. I then consider the current market trend and look for the right entry point.
  3. I diversify holdings in your portfolio based on your return requirements and risk tolerance.
  4. I implement my cash flow strategy of keeping 10-20% of your portfolio in cash. This serves to hedge any risks, and acts as a buffer for unforeseen cashflow requirements.
  5. I rely on proven sources of information for advantageous investment insights.